Ben Mackenzie



Little Star

by Ben Mackenzie

Released 2003
Released 2003
Beautiful, simple, quality songs with themes children will relate to. Ben's lyrics present happy, positive images easily taken up by a child's imagination. His music features clear, pure instrumentation that will feed and nuture young hearts and minds.
Ben Mackenzie is a singer songwriter for adults and children, and resides in the land down under(Australia that is)
He's also a primary school teacher(equivalent to elementary) for State schools and Rudolf Steiner Education

He's a trained actor ( Australia and New York).
He has performed on stage, in Televison and film, video presentations, and as a storyteller.

He has also recorded one family album-'Let's Live As One', and one adult album- 'Live at Le Soir Mystique'(also available on CD baby). He has also recorded for Mirror Records in New York , which will be releasing his album in the near future.

The music on 'Little Star' was created for pre-school aged children through to 9 year olds. This compilation of songs and stories, will meet the different moods of the child on his/her journey from morning to bedtime. It is designed to fully engage the child, not just as a source of entertainment, but to initiate learning and creativity through listening, talking, playing, imagining and singing.

As a Primary(elementary) School Teacher (with a musical-drama background) I appreciate the need for an integrated -holistic approach to learning (thinking-head, feeling-heart, doing-limbs), hence I have written these songs using the above principles. The end result is that the children are happy and having fun, while learning at the same time.
Given 19 tracks of music, two stories with songs and a colourful, easy to read booklet with lyrics, $15.00 is fantastic value.
A soon to be released practical resource book with creative ideas and activities will also be available to accompany the album(see upcoming events and projects on Ben's website: for details)

Beautiful, simple , quality songs with themes children will relate to.
Ben's lyrics present happy, positive images easily taken up by a child's imagination. His music features clear, pure instrumentation that will feed and nurture young hearts and minds.
Mandy Spink(Creative Visualisation Therapist)

"From the moment my children first heard 'Little Star', they have been fascinated by the animals that appear on the album.

As a parent it's wonderful to be able to genuinely share their enthusiasm for this quality music".
Anna Fletcher( mother of three children-3,4, and 7)

How fortunate for the children to have 'Little Star' to shine in their lives.
Through 'Little Star' may the giftedness of Ben Mackenzie shine on many lives.
Our Grandson, Charles, aged 3, likes to listen to and join in the song, 'Good Morning', all day long.
Pat Cunningham (Sydney- Australia)

It was wonderful to see how much my grandchildren enjoyed listening to 'Little Star'.
Marie McNeill (Cootamundra-Australia)

Inspirational music for children. Ben you're the "Big Star".
Fay Hill ( Stockinbingal-Australia)

Delightful stories with good values and great songs that the littlies will want to sing along with.
Chris and Ron Kirkland ( Cootamundra)

I would like to congratulate Ben Mackenzie on his CD ' Little Star'. The sound is excellent and the lyrics very clever. I found myself singing along. I liked the idea of the children joining Ben in the singing. The percussion bells, whistles etc sounded great.
I'm sure the songs will appeal to older children as well as pre-school aged children-good to play on trips in the car. It wouldn't take long for them to learn the words of the many songs. They all seem to have a message. I liked the album cover too, simple and bright.
Jeanette House (Canberra-Australia)

Congratulations Ben on your CD 'Little Star'. The lyrics and music are great and we especially enjoyed the kids singing. It's great entertainment for children and we wish you good luck with future sales.
Lyn and Jim (Wagga Wagga-Australia)

I loved the interaction between the composer and the children. Our Grandchild will love it as his Christmas present.

Anne Mason-Cox (Wagga Wagga-Australia)

Three of my grandchildren have a 40 kilometre journey to school. As their mother who drives them, listening to your music and songs, makes the trip a pleasure.

Jill Beddie (Bathurst-Australia)